About Damen Schelde Parts

Damen Schelde Parts have more then 9.000 registered vessel incl. fitting relevant ship catalogues. We make more then 12.000 quotes annually and ship out more then 3.500 orders a year. Our in-house forwarding department, Maritime Logistics B.V. performs more then 4.000 shipments annually.

With a customer database from around 1.000 customers located in approximately 60 different countries we offer them 200.000 unique items from our warehouses in the Netherlands Singapore and Shanghai. From these 200.000 items we stock around 10.000 parts/components. As we are ISO 9000/2015 accredited we make sure that we follow a high standard in terms of company standards.

With 3 stock and supply point, our headoffice and main base is located in Flushing,(South-Western part of the Netherlands, covering European located customers) with 30 dedicated employees and our second office located in Singapore with 5 dedicated local people (covering the Asia region)

Via our Shanghai reconditioning premises we are able to provide support for reconditioning major components and supply via relevant location.