Offering services to make connecting with Damen Schelde Parts / Damen Schelde Marine Services as easy as possible. Our customers are free to choose to connect with us on all possible platforms. You can send us inquiries directly or choose to work with a procurement system. We are active on most common used platforms such as Mespas. Mespas is Swiss owned and we are developing API connections to make offering go faster. This API connection will be working together with our ERP system and takes care that unique items will be offered within 24 hours. Find more information about Mespas in below link or inquire us for using your Mespas account and send us request for marine diesel engine parts.


We are an active supplier on the Shipserv platform and you are able to connect with us on below button. Our Shipserv ID is 69519. Shipserv is a leading platform for the marine industry and we are happy to offer parts through such platform. Damen Schelde Parts is there to make purchasing from engine parts easier and why not by connecting through common used software services such as Shipserv. Have a look in our account by clicking on below link.



Are you connected on Seaproc procurement services? No problem for us. We are active on this platform too. Send out your inquiries through your own procurement system and we will find this request on the platform.


Are you a user from SIScommerce? Welcome to the club. We offer this procurement services as well and you can send us your marine diesel engine parts through SIScommerce.